Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Tech World Solutions offers full-on cybersecurity consultancy services laid out by highly qualified Security Consultants, knowing full well the hassles of cyber risks troubling the organizations currently, boosting your business through administering the most exceptional cybersecurity control conforming to your budget and demand reducing your chances of a breach or failing any type of InfoSec Audits with the increase rate in cyber attacks and data breaches, it is crucial to use the best cyber defense for the prevention of such threats. Our Cyber Security Consultancy practice has the best services to help manage, control, and measure Cyber Risk in your business with 2 decades plus experience in IT Security. We assist your organization in determining critical business assets and providing protection against threats like cyber-attack or data breach with our highly certified team of Cyber Security Consultants.

The Cyber Security Consultancy services are aligned with all the global leads in industrial standards. Enabling us in the identification of the most suitable Cyber Security Framework for the organization’s size. With ensuring that any applicable legislation and the potential Cyber Risk are concisely explained to the leadership team so that they are equipped in making informed decisions for the execution of the secure business strategies.

Cyber Security Strategy:

The implementation of a Cyber Security Strategy within the organization is a sure way for the management of complexity, gaining board-level support, and the provision of direction. Many argue that the current disruption from digital transformation and the innovation is outperforming the strategy.

This statement is entirely accurate for cyber security as the threats are running quite ahead of the government regulations, policies, and business strategies. The complexity in the technical controls and the reactive approach is not applicable in this day for the defence against the cyber security threats of today and in remaining in compliance with the increasing levels of industrial regulations.

Then how does a cyber security strategy stay ahead in all this predicament? The progressive organizations globally are searching for evolving the role of Cyber in the organization’s risk management function, development of an appetite and risk posture based on the intelligence, improvement of board-level response mechanism and monitoring, as well as the threats concerning with the real value of information.

The effective Cyber Security Strategy and planning keep ensuring that the risks are addressed most effectively and efficiently, with always helping in the security of the business, provision of the evident benefits for the organization, and the meeting of the demanding increase in regulations. Having a definitive Cyber Security Strategy can help the organization to plan of addressing the current and future threats to the company more effectively, taking in account the intricate regulations, legislations, and the specific Cyber risks to the organization.

Request a Cyber Security Assessment
All types of businesses of all sizes are can face a threat from hackers or malicious entities. To understand your business posture on where you stand with your vulnerabilities and the threat against you we highly recommend an assessment. This is looking deeply at your business and identifying internal systems which make your business run on a day to day basis, what sensitive data is stored where?& provide you a report on our security findings
These will cover areas:

List out the systems in place (applications, servers, functions)

  • what type of data does it hold
  • what type of server or app is it exactly
  • who is currently open to use the system
  • data flowing through it

Identify Possibly Threats

  • Unauthorized access to systems
  • Misusing of information by privilege/authorized users
  • Loss of Data (how is the backups process)
  • Loss of Service/Disruption

Calculate Risk & Impact

  • High (Very risk/Substantial)
  • Medium (impact would damage systems but can be recoverable/repairable)
  • Low (Very low impact or minimum disruption)

Analyze specified control environment

  • Risk management controls in place
  • Admin Controls
  • Authentication controls
  • Datacentre & LAN Controls

Likehood rating of risk

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Calculation of Risk Rating

This would be determined by Impact * Liklehood = Risk Rating

  • Medium (impact would damage systems but can be recoverable/repairable)
  • Sever
  • Elevated
  • Low
Penetration Testing Services:

At Tech World Solutions, we offer a wide-ranging penetration testing services for the discovery of the system vulnerabilities, and these services are performed by our CEH Certified Penetration Testers, providing you with the best in the business. The question you must ask yourself is with the current infrastructure of the organization, would it fare in a real cyber-attack? Is your organization that confident on the configuration of the business systems? And that the current team for security operations is fully equipped with the detection of a malicious intrusion?

The Penetration Testing Assessment is the first step for the management of information risks correctly that must be taken by any organization. The exposures and vulnerabilities in most of the environments are mainly due to the poor system management, weak password policy, and improper installation of patches, poor access control, and so much more. That is why the core reasoning and objective behind the security assurance testing must be the identification and the correction of the underlying management systems processes failures that are responsible for the vulnerability detected in the assessment.

The most common management system processes failures are found in the following areas:

  • Configuration of System Software
  • Configuration of Application Software
  • Maintenance of Software
  • User Administration and Management

The Penetration Testing Services provided by Tech World Solutions are based on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 Standard, minimizing the vulnerabilities and missing patches. Each of the engagement is followed up by a debriefing session, ensuring the reporting on the issues observed and fully understanding the agreement of correct possible impacts. After the discussion of the findings, it will be clearly explained how the problem arose based on the context provided, for the prevention of future management failure from reoccurring.

Cloud Security Services
The cloud security service at Tech World Solutions aims to protect the client’s interest by reducing the cyber security risk and privacy breaches. The cloud services are all over the place and very famous these days and offer comprehensive benefits that most organizations haven’t even acknowledge yet. Cloud has offered reduced hardware costs, and software ownership is an excellent attraction for small-medium enterprises and big companies. Moving all your data and workload to the cloud have immensely increased and performance, but at what cost? With moving your infrastructure on the cloud, the complexities and security threats have also increased.
The famous cloud service providers offer some security, but we all have seen the security been compromised, and no business can afford that kind of data theft. That is why a cloud security service is unavoidable. Cloud computing is needed extensively in every organization, and no one can deny its benefits. The experienced team at Tech World Solutions will ensure that we provide maximum security so you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without worrying about the security risks and making a calculated decision every time.
How can we help you?
  • The team at our company is certified with AWS/AZURE/GCP/IBM Cloud and has vast knowledge and firm foundation of IT security concepts, and we can apply all these to make your cloud computing experience secure as possible including cloud compliance against IS27001/PCIDSS/HIPPA/GDPR, etc
  • We can help you choose the best SPI model according to your needs. Whatever cloud computing model you have in service, we will guide you in which SPI model will work best for you and decrease the security risk, and your data is secure and never at risk.
  • Our engineers have a proficient understanding of Cloud security design, strategies, and standards to determine the best, produce, and deliver complete security requirements as an advisor for potential cloud solutions.
  • Our security engineers can use industry toolkits designed to peel back and reveal those layers of responsibility and accountability between Cloud Service Providers and their Holders, applying measurable risk-based decision-making for evaluating and attesting to governance, risk, and compliance best practices.
  • Our Cloud Security Risk Assessment intensified with threat modeling, provides your organization with a detailed view of the exact attack surface and risk profile of any Cloud Service in the scope of the assessment, enabling you to prioritize your information security efforts more clearly.
  • The result of the Cloud Security Risk Assessment will furnish your association with a board-level Risk Estimation report on the dangers facing your association with the Cloud Service selection, a prioritized list of actionable remediation actions to enable your organization to a move to a more acceptable level of risk.