Why Should We Be Your Choice?
  • We provide you with systematic support throughout your period of the contract.
  • Providing you with support for the highly qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Our services are more cost-effective than the maintenance of an in-house team.
  • We provide you with a quicker and faster resolution time –taking advantage of our extensive experience in the industry, keeping the systems running quite efficiently.
  • We are always available for remote support, whenever you need it via email, phone, and remote connection
Choosing Us – What it Means for Your Company?
  • Providing you with Network Support Globally.
  • Having a single point of contact for the support of your network – making the support efficient.
  • Providing you complete transparency in pricing with no hidden charges and a simplified set-up process.
  • Providing you with multiple language support.
  • Tailor-made Service Legal Agreements suiting the requirements of your company and business.
  • 24/7 support via email, phone, and remote login.
  • On-site engineers are available globally for project work and network installation.
Some Areas in Which We Provide Help in Your Business

Network Security:

Providing you with excellent security services in terms of Firewalls, High Availability Networks, Routers and Switches, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), QoS, Wireless, Resilient Internet Connectivity, routine health checks, Voice Over IP (VoIP), and the optimization of the system.

Remote Access Security:

This remit includes all the network redesigns, the network upgrades, and its additional components.Keeping the sensitive data you have secure when operating on the field or over multiple sites.

Disaster Recovery:

We work on revealing how the bandwidth you have is being used, and the number of applications that require fine-tuning or an overhaul enabling your organization for streamlining the network and focusing on the core business functions.

Vulnerability Assessment:

We analyze your network for the potential security issues and flaws, thus opening the gateway for scheduled pro-active monitoring and fine-tuning.

Network Design and Deployment:
Moving on from this point, our team can start with a plan for the design of the Network, choosing the one that is the fittest for the implementation into your organization’s IT infrastructure. This provides an overall benefit and streamlining to the everyday operations of the company. We also take into consideration the significant areas and the flaws that your IT might have at the moment, looking into the framework currently being used if available to us, review of all the security risks and coming up other alternatives for increasing and building the IT efficiency.

The Design Solutions We Have

We will consider all the significant areas of your IT network as well as any of the flaws your IT Network might have at this point. All the factors contributing are then noted and appropriately documented and checked over by pairs of fresh eyes, making the changes or amendments wherever necessary before being sent off to the deployment teams we have for the installation in your organization.

Remote Access Solutions:

The remote access solution makes it quite easy for the company and its employees in connecting to the valuable applications, data, and the content needed in their daily tasks; the catch is that you do not even need to be in the office to do that. With the recent prevalence of the pandemic, the outbreak of Coronavirus and with the unpredictable weather conditions, safeguarding the employee must be the top priority right beside the team’s productivity.

The remote and flexibility in the working from home is growing at quite a steady pace in its popularity, supported by a complete host of digital tools. This is seen as a win-win situation for the employees and employers alike. The removal of the daily commute stress and the everyday office distraction proved to be quite a fantastic way of retaining the freshness of mind.

The First Question – Is It Secure?

When talking about remote access, the first thing that comes into any customer’s mind is whether it is secure or not. Even though the remote access is quite an essential thing during these times, it is also imperative that it be well managed and rightly implemented.

Here at Tech World Solutions, we provide you with a solution that has gone through the proper preparation and oversight, battling all the security concerns, quite possibly the presence of the unsecured and everyday internet-connected devices (IoT) at home.

Increment in Productivity

Remote Access Solutions are vital to the working infrastructure of today. In this era, the office can be wherever you are, at home, at the café, or the airport. Regardless of the location, you have the ease of access to working at the best of the ability and continue thriving in your office.

The workforce of these modern times requires remote access solutions so that they have safe and secure access to the increased resources from more platforms and remote devices than ever possible before. The work of everyday will be much relaxed and more comfortable, making productivity a part of everyday whether they are in the office or stuck away from the office due to conditions like illness, harsh weather, or travel restrictions. Businesses that do not have the remote working solutions are at a disadvantage of losing countless days of productivity a year.

Remote Access with Safeguarding

The remote working access is also a promoter of the safeguarding within the workplace, and this should be a priority of all the employers in companies. Due to the current outbreak and the weather conditions, many of the companies are taking advantage of this remote access working in keeping their employees safe and sound. During the lockdown due to Corona virus, people stayed home and created boundaries for themselves, self-quarantined themselves, and this created a new alternative to the workplace – a work from home situation. And workplaces started doing the same. Another example is of Twitter, they recently strongly urged their employees to not come into work and work from home instead. Business having remote access can continue their work as usual, regardless of any situation. Remote Access Working not only keeps the employees protected but ultimately well settled and happy.

Building Team Morale

Treating your people like a person, and not commodities that are robots. Through remote access, the employees are given more flexibility and control into their daily lives, showing them that the company trusts them entirely to work alone.
Having a work-life balance these days is quite essential and that is being pushed more and more every day. With remote access, employees can have this balance and keep their productivity maximum. This ultimately increases the morale of the workplace that is quite needed for efficient productivity and a healthy work environment.

Our Solutions

There are multiple types of remote access software that are available for you to get that might or might not help you. That is why we are here for you, in advising you on the choice and maintenance of remote access software that will be quite beneficial for the business. All the options that we have are reliable, secure, and completely flexible. We are here for you to help you choose what is best for you.

The right remote access software will save you both money and time, allowing you to focus on your business entirely and not worry about less productivity.

At Tech World Solutions, we grant you the best remote access solutions globally so that the team you have can continue to work efficiently and safely, wherever your employees may be. We deliver the highest quality “In-office” experiences, without the need to be physically in the office.