Project Management Services
Project management is a fusion of planning new ideas, managing the steps, and executing a specific multidimensional project. Our skilled and experienced project management team can help you achieve your goals with customized plans and execution techniques for your project of any scale. Tech World solutions have an excellent track record of delivering the best services in the project management category worldwide. We know how to take care of your projects and handle them in an exemplary way. Our team applies the essential aptitude and demonstrates best practice procedures to help guarantee your business ventures are finished on schedule and inside the financial plan. Our specialists have access to all the resources as well as know precisely how to integrate them to achieve maximum results
Key Features of getting us on board
We offer the most trustworthy project management services in the market. We have mentioned the tip of the iceberg that what to expect when you get us on board with your project.


Together with the client's opinions and our team's proposals, we aim to plan and develop a methodology that will work for the client in the best possible way.


The team at Tech World Solutions is available for you anywhere you desire. Our team members are flexible and available at every step to manage your project professionally. With our years of experience, we can prove ourselves to the best in the market.

Global Presence:

We are present globally with our expert team to save your travel costs and miscellaneous charges. Our representatives will be available for your assistance at any time and regardless of the day or the time.

Accountability & Feedback:

At the point when we assist you with meeting your objectives, we as a whole, succeed. We keep projects on point by taking responsibility for tasks and keeping up this responsibility all through the key milestones. We build a continuous pipeline of input and useful analysis with the goal that it can prompt improvement and eventually fulfilling your hopes.
Break-Fix Services:

Tech world solutions aim to deliver reliable break-fix support. Facing any issues with your hardware, our specialized team will be only a call away to resolve your issue in real-time. The technological advancements and ever-growing elements in the field of hardware are at a high frequency. It is nearly impossible to keep some extra components to replace when facing failure. This is where break-fix service comes into play. Tech world solutions believe in quality and reliable hardware, so we always recommend OEM replacements for enhanced performance and protection. We would always recommend our clients invest in the best quality parts from original vendors to increase efficiency and obviously for safe investment. A good quality fix is in the long run because sometimes some cost-effective and cheap solutions can be attractive, but it would not benefit your company in the long run, and you’ll be halted again at some point shortly looking for a hardware fix. Original equipment manufacturer parts are preferred for maximum performance and increased security, and they are always protected by a warranty, which is always a plus feature and gives you a sense of safety. Tech world solutions will tailor its services according to your requirements, and our fair policies will make sure that you have complete clarity of the efficiency of our solutions provided.
Tech world solutions can provide both reactive and proactive break-fix solutions tailored according to your specification. Timely and incredibly supportive client service is what makes us the best.

Our highly experienced site engineers are there for all your maintenance and break-fix services with ease of administration. We make sure all your calls, emails, and other emails are appropriately logged and noted, ensuring an immediate service without any delay and proper documentation.

24/7 IT Support / Monitoring Service

When it comes to IT support and services, “Tech world solutions” are highly proficient for what it does. Whether you have a query related to your hardware services or need IT support, we are here to provide you with a highly intelligent managed services solution no matter where you are.

  • Tech world solutions’ IT Support is just one click away, as its professional IT and Maintenance team offers you the following services;
  • Provision of much needed IT support, whether its a query or a service needs, in any aspect, that too while being on a single point of contact.
  • A vast range of hardware manufacturers is being supported. The best part is, not only the current tablet devices are considered, but also the long-forgotten mid-range servers. For this purpose, a central Service desk and ticket system is being used.
  • For those clients who need tailored solutions, tech world solutions offer its best possible services while having the capability to reach globally with the best provision.
  • Tech world solutions have different levels of services and services hours, which depends upon the specific business requirements while taking care of the needs of client’s infrastructure.
What services do we offer?

Design of Optical Fiber Network:

World Tech Solutions is proficient is tailor-made solutions for your optical fiber cabling needs. We have a history of content clients, and we have all the relevant certifications and license to work in this sector. Our project design department comprises authorized planners, experts in telecommunications systems, both terms of design and implementation. Our projects suggest consulting and review, preliminary and leading design, implementation, as-built design, maintenance, evaluation, and upgrade. Our project designs are led by modern technology trends, rules, and standards related to fiber optics.

Cable installations:

World Tech Solutions has completed numerous optical cable installations in every environment. Pre-installed or new, we have cabling solutions for every type of application.


World Tech Solutions offers splicing services for all applications by using modern equipment from high-quality vendors. We also offer the support of installing and termination devices with a particular focus on a cable connection, control, and security, which guarantees easier maintenance and increased system dependability.


Our portfolio of services includes standard and precautionary maintenance of optical backbone and access systems. We are specialists in identifying and resolving network problems, always using state-of-the-art devices and equipment. We perform the first temporarily and then the final solution through the works required to network back online as soon as possible. Our call center and ticketing operation allow us to have all the essential data on our users’ situations and conditions, respond quickly, and answer the query as early as possible.

Moving Services

Are you planning to relocate or make changes to your office? World Tech solution will assist you in adjusting and administration of your data and electrical cables. We can provide meticulously designed, planned, and dedicated moving and changes solutions. We can move your computers and telephones as well and make sure the cabling is safe and secure. Our experienced team will provide these services with the utmost care and safety, avoiding all hazards.

We are providing complete, reliable, and secure moving solutions related to :

  • Floor box Relocation and Reinstallation
  • Crate Relocation Services
  • Cabling Solutions for complete Office Relocation
  • Multiple office and Site Moving Solutions
  • Old Data cable Removing solutions.
  • Meeting Room and organizing solutions
  • Out of working hours, office moving services.
Complete Remote IT Solution:

Tech world solution, with its comprehensive years of practice, has managed to develop an IT support team proficient in catering to all your remote IT services demands. The trustworthy team of experienced engineers will be at your disposal and will not hesitate to work anytime to determine and resolve your IT problems with great precision.

A lot of issues are resolved quickly by remote IT support, and this proves to be a cost-effective solution.

Our skilled team of IT Support designers will be able to remotely diagnose and fix your IT concerns, increasing the pace of resolution, diminishing costs, and guaranteeing that you and your team can remain happy and productive.

We work by analyzing and identifying any loopholes in your IT settings, security plan, and abilities. We strive to accommodate a customized IT plan to remove the breaks within the provided time frame.

We aim to build long term associations with our clients.

Our industry-leading IT support assistance team will fully assist and control your network 24/7/365, assuring your company performs at its highest aptitude efficiently and securely.

Network Consultancy:

Remote IT Support Benefits:

It is absolutely vital to deal with you IT problems on time because of the increased reliance on the technology, Some Remote IT solution benefits are

Lower Cost Support:

Having a remote IT support can lower your maintenance cost and provide immediate solutions at your doorstep anytime without being present at the issue site. Getting a contract based IT support can help you calculate your costs in a better way, and you can manage your budgets efficiently.

Quick Available Solutions:

Nobody wants to wait when their system is halted due to an underlying issue. When something goes wrong, you require a resolution quickly. By fixing your IT concerns remotely, your requirements can be met actively, and problems are solved more expeditiously, often fixed at a first communication. This permits you to get on with managing your firm and keeps your organization productive.

Enjoy IT support everywhere:

You do not have to fret about arranging IT support, whether you are opening at a new location or moving your office setup. A remote IT solution will be everywhere to support your infrastructure and manage your network, and IT functions anywhere so that your business operates smoothly.

What to expect when getting us on board?
We offer the most trustworthy project management services in the market. We have mentioned the tip of the iceberg that what to expect when you get us on board with your project.

Proactive Administration

Tech world solutions have a wholly staffed Remote IT service team, which is available to proactively deal with your IT solution. We continuously check your systems and network for any possible failures and problems to ensure your business-related functions' certain and swift functionality.

Live Help:

We will never keep you on hold, and our service representatives will always be there to respond to your queries and complaints live. Tech World Solutions does not believe in complicated logs and makes our clients wait to fix their problems. We believe in active solutions and total client satisfaction through live calls and chat assistance.

Flexible Solutions:

Tech world Solutions plans to help you boost your infrastructure, even outside of our offices. We made custom made tailored programs according to our client's demands and budgets.


Customized records provide insight into your IT operation, including executive reports, status summaries, configuration, and inventory statistics, keeping you notified of the IT services you acquire and your IT network's situation.
Remote Monitoring and Management Solutions
Our solutions:

Tech World solution will be the best at doing our job so you can manage your responsibilities without any halt. The need for IT support is necessary as the technologies become more and more complex, so the issues were arriving from it. Let us manage your systems up to date, up to speed, and well maintained by implementing the support and needed updates from remote without disturbing your staff. We have mentioned some main specialties and advantages of our Remote Monitoring Services

  • We check your antivirus solutions and their status of every server and workstations
  • We watch your network, each of the workstations, and server well-being status all the time and are informed of many types of failure and mistakes
  • All workstations and your workers updates are secured and performed week by week to a month to month and that too without any extra costs and within your chosen budget

Remote Backup Solutions:

With our solution, you should never be worried about your data loss and security. Monitoring and optimizing backups are imperative, which is why we take the dangerous task off your hands and empower you to focus on your job. Our team guarantees your backups are available for you whenever you require them.

Some salient features of Tech World Solutions remote backup solutions are:

  • We will never interrupt your daily functions, and our backup features are scheduled according to our client’s work schedule.
  • We offer complete data encryption and ensure no data leakage or theft.
  • Our servers are installed with a super antivirus, so if there is a virus present of the data from any of your workstations, we make sure it doesn’t get backed up and removed to ensure a safe and secure data backup.
  • We offer two-directional synchronization schemes.
  • Back up activities are entirely logged and documented for easy accessibility